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The use of these strips will be your source of the level of ketones being released. This is the gauge by which you will know if you are properly keeping your carbohydrate intake to the necessary level to facilitate ketosis. Don't worry if you are not at the dark purple level. Different people have different levels. Just watch the scale and if you are losing weight, you are pretty much ok!Let's start with a little Nutrition 101. A carbohydrate is a nutrient that is used by your body for energy. It contains 4 kilocalories of energy per gram (kilocalorie is the formal name for calorie).

So just what can it be that makes fat burning diets effective? Good diet programs add the right mixture of protein healthy carbs as well as healthful fats. They will restrict or remove bad fats and simple sugar wholly.Whether you choose to end the ketogenic diet or opt to make it a lifestyle plan, you will always have the tools you need to change your body. The cyclical ketogenic diet will always be available if you begin to gain on those extra pounds of fat.

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